An open letter to DL Brothas, Bi-sexual brothas and Closeted Brothas who turn off & on being gay.

First let me say that I’m not hatin’ or been hurt by any of y’all just stating my opinion. Second of all the message is for those who are seeing y’all. You can call yourself gay or chosen Same-gender loving to feel an African-American bonding or accept the CDC name MSM (men who sleep with men) or just not believe in that label shyt. You may just be doin’ you.

I define DL Brothas as Men of Color who present themselves to men and women as a heterosexual man and have sex with men. The majority of DL Brothas are either married or have a girlfriend and if they are single they openly date women. All of them have sex with the women they are seeing. As far as the ladies in their life all of the women believe they are sleeping with a man who only sleeps with women.

Bi-sexual Men of Color are brothas who sleeps with men and women but generally only have a relationship with a woman and only sex with men. Some Bi-sexual Men of Color do have relationships with men and women, either at the same time or different times but the majority of the women do not know they sleep with men. On the otherhand the men a Bi-sexual brotha sleeps with knows from the get go these men sleep with women or eventually own up to it.

Closeted brothas (which is the majority) are men who have sex with men and identify themselves as either Same Gender-loving or a Gay Man of Color (Men of African Decent or another ethnicity). These brothas are seeking sex and/or a loving relationship with only men.

For you brothas who sleep with DL, Bi-sexual and Closeted Brothas there are three things they all have in common and you already know: 1. They all have to lie at some point to someone about you to continue to hide the fact that they sleep with men. 2. You will always be second to women they sleep with. 3. These men will turn the gay switch on and off when necessarily, leaving you in the dark!

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Comment by Cleon T. Day, III on February 26, 2010 at 6:49pm
Men and woman get sex and love mixed up. DL, Bi and Closeted brothas are no better or no worse than those brothas who are openly Same Gender-Loving or Gay Brothas of Color. It's not the group you're in as the integrity of the men you're with. I think that at some point guys who deal with DL, Bi and Closeted brothas realize they come in second to women and a heterosexual reputation. God forbid if they lose respect from Black women and the Black community for loving dyck!
Comment by john moore on February 26, 2010 at 6:27pm
Then the best thing to do is to use them for what they are worth and that is sex. Don't make it any more than what it is. No matter what they say. Actions have always spoken louder than words.




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