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Bayard Rustin with Dr. King made an impact in the Black Community, what about Black Gay Men now?

A short editorial by Cleon T. Day, III

Many Gay Black men complain about Gay Black men, however never offer anything positives to say about being a Gay black man. Other than stating the fashion and theater world would be nowhere with Gay men’s contributions, nothing is said directing relating to them personally.

Some of them will throw up the name Bayard Rustin, the architect of historical marches in the Civil Rights Movements but it really doesn’t play into them personally being proud of being a Gay Black Man.

Yes, there are a “few” examples of high profile Black Gay men in high profile positions, primarily in the political realm. As individuals and a race we can stand proud of being Black, historically from where we’ve come, to where we are now with our long list of accomplishments.

My thought provoking thoughts to you older Black Gay men who have been gay for so long; what are the positives about being gay, what is there to be proud about in being a Black Gay man? What positive things do we tell our gay and/or questioning Black male youths who need positive gay images in their life, young males who need positive black gay role models? What is good about being Black and gay? What’s the pride in being a Black Gay male? Since we are the elders of the Black Gay community, what do we have to show why we should be positive about our sexual orientation? (Rhetorical questions)

Your thoughts……

p.s Youngbloods can chime in if they would like!

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Comment by Jimy Reid on March 6, 2015 at 7:51pm

Thks Cleon for your essay on being a Black Gay Man, I am proud of who I am and being from a small town its difficut and then you add Church to the disccussion, its take on a new meaning, i would like to become a preacher but being a Methodist it going to be a difficut task also, and I am not one to pick up and leave my community so i just live and survive.

Comment by Gene Webster-English on February 11, 2015 at 10:02am
Cleon: What a great post during this time of black history month etc. I salute your thoughts and thank you for sharing it has been a moment since I have been on the page; but I will try to reengage as your blog is quite provocative. I'm also happen to see the return of the black gay men's blog and it's many topics. I am the president and chair through the end of the year of UPLIFT, urban professionals leading in Florida and Tampa Bay a semi community action, social and engagement group and our vision is to to be visible, engaged and empowered! We need more brothers and sisters of all ages to be visible the greatest form of learning that we have is that of role modeling; people will do and be what they see, as a psychotherapist I can tell you that's the way it works. Having positive images of people doing great things and by great things I don't mean we are stars and divas etc. we have a little bit too much of that narcissism already in our lives, but simply completing goals, being in committed relationships, helping others, demonstrating love and kindness and faith these type attributes are so lacking enmasse from African-Americans straight or gay! And of course starting a great travel company, any business or shared experience to explore the world thank you for your leadership!



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