Many young Bottom bois are hot! Unfortunately, they sometimes get a bad rap as being too pretty, too fem or too bitchy. It’s true with some of these brothas but it's not necessarily a bad thing, they do get the attention others wished they could get. Within these group of young Bottoms there are those young men who are attracted to older men for different reasons. There’s a certain segment of those men who are into sugar-daddies, older men who have money. These young Bottoms are usually attracted to Sugar daddies because they like good things and/or they need help in making their financial ends meet.

Some guys would argue that Sugar-daddy relationships are fake, based on superficial wants and needs. A number of older men are lonely and surprisingly unwanted by older men because a number of older men are looking at younger men. However, some younger men find older men more appealing, for their maturity, stability and in some cases their sexual stamina. Sugar-daddies come in two categories, Gay/sgl who are willing to be used by younger men to fill the sexual void missing in their lives and then you have the married men.

For younger men, a sugar-daddy is the way to go in your youth. There’s the train of thought, if there are older men out here who want to wine you and dine you take advantage of it while you can. For older men who don’t mind spending money on a younger guy if he can get the sex there’s not a problem. However what can occur in some relationships is the sugar-daddy becoming very controlling or possessive of the younger guy. In some cases with the married guy the younger guy will threaten to tell the sugar-daddy’s wife if he becomes too demanding or to get what he wants.

Is a sugar-daddy relationship an honest relationship since both parties are getting what they want or are they fooling themselves into believing they have something real?

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