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When I was chairman of the Board, My Brothaz Keeper, Inc. we had a dilemma, whether or not to allow closeted homosexuals to serve on our board (the present board members were openly homosexual). 



There were two trains of thought, he/she represented a segment in the homosexual community and he/she would be going after donors as part of their responsibilities.  This sparked another discussion, asking the question; as a male board member, can a closeted male be a positive role model for male homosexual youth?



As a homosexual role model who is “in the closet” there are some things you can mentor to young homosexual males.  You can tell them "Never reveal your sexual orientation if you fear losing your job, losing your family or shaming your family's name at your family's church.



As a homosexual role male who is “open about his sexual orientation” there are some things you can mentor to young homosexual males.



For instance, if you are out to family, friends, employer and any one of them demeans homosexuals by using homosexual slurs,  making negative comments about homosexuals, or personally attack your character because you're homosexual you have two options, to speak up and shut them down or be silent to not drawn attention. Closeted homosexuals don't have but one option, say nothing.



What are your thoughts?  With their choice to remain closeted, can a closeted male be a positive role model for homosexual male youths?

(The question is not tied to just to be a board member but a broader scope such as local mentoring programs, developing manhood (i.e. 100 Blackmen organization.) or a  youth program at a mainstream church)

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Comment by Peanut23 on June 7, 2016 at 2:51am

Good morning 



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