Removing your clothing one piece at a time while swaying your hips to music in the background might sound like a recipe for disaster. You have seen the strippers with the perfect bodies standing on their heads and gyrating monster cocks to rain fall of dollars. You are a catch, but in comparison to the professionals it may feel like the last gift you would give your partner. But if you give these tips a chance, stripping for your man can be fun and erotic. And I bet he will want a second performance.


Simple and Sexy Looks


There is a huge amount of underwear for men that are stylish and attractive. You don't have to have the body of a model to find something that will enhance your body. Male Power has a line of underwear that enhances your package, lift your butt and make your junk look sexier. These types of erotic underwear allow your man to see your bulge while enjoying the view in a new way. He will want to rip them off. Add a bit of bling to your cock with a stamina ring. It will not only add some appeal but will also keep you erect during your show. The Lexington Steele Big Man Cock Ring is easy to slide on and will shines nicely in a low light room.


Play The Right Music


Choose the music that both of you enjoy. You can strip to almost any song. Make sure it works with your outfit and mood you are creating.


Set The Stripper Tone


Now before you start throwing your clothes all over the place, you have to ensure that the setting is agreeable. Lighting is very important and I recommend using either blue or red lights because they highlight your body in a very erotic way. Candles are another great source of light that will enhance the mood. Throw in an Sex Pheromone Erotic Massage Candle for a few tricks that will make your partner scream. We will talk about that later. Make sure you have room to move around. Clear the area of all tables, chairs and furniture that can get in the way. You won't be doing back flips but will need some space to give an effect of a quality couples show.


Turning Up the Heat


When performing an erotic dance, you must remember that the goal is to make your partner want you in the worse way. You don't give everything in the first few moments. You slowly build up the tension. Always leave something to the imagination. Don't rip off all your clothes and start the action. Take your time and always leave one item on -- you have to give him something to do after all. The item that should be left on is your underwear.


Practice First


Stake out the location and determine you want to do. Get in the mirror and practice your show. Slow winding movements are very alluring. Lifting up your shirt, then sliding it back down creates erotic tension. Slowly unbuckling your pants then taking forever to zip them down will have your man begging you to go all the way. These simple moves are great to practice in the mirror. And if you want to take it to the next level, have your man take your erotic massage candle and drip the low heat oil all over your body. It won't burn and can be rubbed into the skin for a mind blowing effect.


The Show is On


You have mastered the above movements and now are putting them to use in your show. Your man is going crazy because you are slowly taking items off without giving him the pleasure of jumping right into sex. Keep him involved by lifting him off the couch or bed to dance with you. At this point your shirt and pants should be off. You are in your sexy underwear. Slow grind and place soft kisses on his neck. Move away and continue your erotic dance.


Your Stripper Show


I realize that you may not know how to set up your erotic performance. So below is a framework that can make your show amazing. It's simple and keeps you from stumbling over yourself when you are making it rain. Now here's the order in which you should remove your clothes:

Take off your socks.

Unbutton your shirt but do not remove it yet.

Remove Your Belt and unbotton your pants.

Let your pants fall to the ground and step out of them.

Remove your shirt.

Move slowly toward him and dance together.

Let him rub oil on your body.

Let him take off your sexy underwear.

It's time to take it to the next level.


So until next time, have fun with your man and show him how it's really done. Who knows, this may just encourage him to give you a little performance. And this is a great way to enhance your weekly date night.

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