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THE MEN of ATL -The climate of dating in Atlanta, 2009 for Same-gender Loving Men/Gay Men of Color; what is its effect on growing old alone.

Atlanta is the place to be in finding all types of men. There I said it and some would agree with that statement and then add a “but”. The “but” would be something to the affect “but most of them are dogs” even if they haven’t met most of them. In various writings and presentations I have given I've said you can take any magazine in the world featuring handsome attractive men of any race and there will be a man in Atlanta who closely resembles his physical features.

Beyond those “now” Atlanta men formally born and raised in big metropolitan cities or small towns in the South you can still get that "Southern Hospitality" and find “Southern Comfort”. Of course you can’t ignore the men coming from the East & West coast and we can’t forget about the Midwest and the North. Men are in the ATL for your viewing pleasure. Yes some of these beautiful sexy men are probably straight, married and not available except those on the Down Low at least for sex.

Many SGL/Gay Men of Color move to Atlanta because of the large pool of SGL/Gay Men of Color who live here. Yes ATL is a beautiful city and there are a lot of things to do here and when SGL/Gay Men of Color come to visit their friends here or come to Gay Black Pride/MLK weekend they always seem to have a nice time. Usually a nice time beyond the restaurants and clubs is all the eye-candy.

Now if you come here wanting to hook up with somebody, you usually can find it through a number of outlets, house parties, a gym, the clubs, the mall, adult bookstores and even through the on-line groups on the Internet. Hooking up may depend on yours and his sex appeal or someone’s horniness. For the most part if you want to have a sexual rendezvous with a man you just have to be assertive. This is one way to meet a man.

Here are just a few hook-up sites: Adam4Adam, Men4Now, Adam4Sex, Black Gay Chat Live, MySpace, Facebook, Black Gay Space, Black Planet,, Ebony Male, Thugs 4 Sex, Match com, Yahoo Personals http://www.personals/,, Tickle Match, Hi-5, Plenty of Fish

Now let’s talk about dating for SGL/Gay Men of Color. I’ve established the facts, the Men of Atlanta are here. I also stated that if someone wants to hook up and have the balls to assert themselves they can hook up with a man. So here we are at the title “THE MEN of ATL -The climate of dating in Atlanta, 2009 for Same-gender Loving Men/Gay Men of Color.

I wrote the book Grand Prize Lookin’ for a Winner a Dating/Relationship Guide for Gay Men of Color after dating over 250 men over the past eight years in ATL and have been in three unsuccessful relationships in that time period. Grand Prize was written as a result of my dating and attending a number of discussion groups and finding many SGL/Gay Men of Color in Atlanta do not actually date, it’s more like hooking up first with the possibility of rolling into seeing each other again if the sex is great (and no I did not have sex with 250 men).

Many relationship-oriented Same-gender Loving Men/Gay Men of Color don’t date in Atlanta for two reasons it’s cost effective not too if he or you aren’t interested and two, they aren’t in the Gay mainstream to meet anyone. For the most part they only go to a few gay oriented events (i.e. Dreamgirls, Sex In The City, Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom) and they are just going with their friends not to meet anyone, if it happens it happens. I believe if relationship-oriented Same-gender Loving Men/Gay Men of Color keep this up many are going to be growing old alone.

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